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Getting a ride at the push of a button is an incredible convenience—and a fast track connecting millions of people from point A to point B.

Right at the epicenter of this innovative technology is RideBoom—the one rideshare platform constantly innovating and evolving the way people arrive safely and conveniently at their destinations.That’s why RideBoom is premiering their new feature Gender Booking: a way for all riders to request a driver with their desired gender.

The rideshare community has been awash with new stories about riders have a less-than-desired ride with certain drives. With Gender Booking, RideBoom is looking to increase the quality of experience for every rider.

Gender Booking empowers riders to pick from an exclusive pool of male drivers, female drivers, oppositely gendered drivers to the rider, or no preference, where drivers of any gender type will be able to pick up the rider. Plus, with Gender Booking, male riders cannot exclusively select female drivers, and vice versa—always keeping safety in mind.

RideBoom is on the forefront of rideshare innovation, safety, and security. To start Gender Booking and creating a better ride experience for yourself.

Download RideBoom free app today .

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