Who is PRNation?

P.R Nation is a press release distribution service that distributes press releases on our network of  online news sites and blogs to help customers with search engine optimization and drive valuable traffic to your website by using our network and other press release networks.

Where can I see PRNation press releases online?

You get a report of all the website your press release is posted to.

Do you offer press release writing?

What are the benefits of distributing press releases?

There are many different benefits to sending out or distributing a press release. Here is a brief list of the most obvious benefits to press release distribution:

  • Press releases drive traffic to your website
  • Give you authority and credibility
  • Create online visibility
  • Attract new customers
  • Reach journalists for story ideas
  • Protect or repair your online reputation
  • Build your brand
  • Create SEO back links to your website.

What is the background / history of PRNatoin?

The website started in June 2011 as a FREE press release website after over a 100, 000 press releases. We have move to a paid press release.

How much traffic will come to my press release?

We have seen a really wide range of web traffic depending on the key words and importance of each press release. They tend to have the most capability in crafting a press launch with merely the right key phrases to generate the most web traffic.

What makes PRNation unique?

We offer a very unique service that has actually not been copied by anybody. We are distinct in the following means:. 1. We produce massive news. Our web site, distribution procedures and procedures develop additional news compared to any other circulation solution. 2. We assist your online search engine ranks by giving actual back web links. 3. We syndicate your press release with a very large RSS network. 4. Our web site includes the really most recent SEO functions and innovation offered. We are on the cutting edge of SEO news release. 5. We have the lowest expense around for this level of plan and press release circulation features.

How do I track the response to my press release?

We will certainly provide you with a report or link to track all your press release. Press releases develop a bunch of traffic to your internet site. Thousands of sites automatically post press releases from usemacmedia.wpengine.com. If you need a report please Contact Us

I am new to press releases. How do I write a press release?

Many of our clients are brand-new to composing news release and news release circulation. You can learn ways to compose a news release here: Learn How to Write a Great Press Release  or  You can have us write it for you. Press Release Writing Service

What services are offered by PRNation?

The only services that we are providing now  is press release distribution and writing press release. We do not plan to offer any other services at this time.


What are the requirements for using PRNation?

You need to have a well composed and expert looking press release. You could not send the exact same press release over and over once again. Your press release need to be professional, honest and factually based. See Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Does PRNation offer phone support or phone sales assistance?

No phone support.  We do offer very fast email support.

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