Hempstead International Recording Artist Giving Back To Community & More

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This buzzing rapper-songwriter announced Monday that he’ll donate 20% of the proceeds from his current blazing single to Hempstead public school District, Autism Speaks & Heroes For Kids.

His news about the hit “Nothing To Lose” came randomly via Facebook while this buzzing 23-year-old promoted his latest release, “Nothing To Lose.”

The supporters have pledged their support in the droves making JB’s new single a hot commodity on the iTunes marketplace. Followed by a world premiere partnership via iHeart Radio, Shazam fell in line with premiering the single for some time on Nov 1st around 12pm EST. This proves to be a movement that cannot be stopped. In conjunction with such a great cause there is no doubt that Hempstead’s Own JB will exceed the expectations of those who felt he couldn’t make it.

“They try to doubt me and put a stigma on what I do….. but I never let it stop me from creating and moving forward,” says 23-year-old Rap Sensation JB earlier during our call.

“Its weird because I do what others can’t and still get no love from some, but if I focused on the expected response then I would fail horribly and cease to live the life I want to live.”

We have gotten word that JB is being labeled an Icon of Hope amongst his community and globally.

It is unclear how big a contribution these charities will reap, but city officials are thrilled by the news of his gift.

The single “Nothing To Lose” is available on iTunes in 89 countries. Click Here for a Preview of this BLAZING rendition of JB’s commitment to Proving the world wrong!

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