Hempstead’s OWN JB Releases New Anthem For Our Generation

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Somewhat reminiscent of a young Andre 3k, JB’s effortless lyrical ability and good looks, have made him an overnight fan favorite. Having discovered the ability to rap as means of refuge from an all too real reality that echoed endless challenges and years of adversity, JB soon realized that his ability to express himself through music was an unexplored territory that would soon thrust him in front of millions of screaming fans, and rocking out stages across America, opening up for some of today’s most well-known hip hop artists.
Nothing To Lose Prod. Scott Styles:This record is this generation’s testament to hard work, dedication and success, while fighting through obstacles & ignoring the doubts. With dope singer Roze on the hook, this massive & creative collaboration of UK Super Producer Scott Styles & JB is sure to please. It lays the blueprint to overcoming it all in his SMASH single entitled Nothing to Lose. Enjoy!Be Sure to follow JB via Social MediaTwitter/Instagram: @UknoJB www.soundcloud.com/UknoJB

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