Labrador Retriever Moby Shows Children How to Fall Asleep Anywhere in New Book

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Labrador Retriever Moby Shows Children How to Fall Asleep Anywhere in New Book

Written by an Author Struggling with Mental Illness, who found solace and the best therapy in his Dog


Los Angeles, CA: Now available, a fully animated new book available on Apple iBooks ( and Amazon Kindle ( featuring Moby: the Labrador Retriever that can fall asleep anywhere. Follow Moby around the world and learn his secrets to falling asleep anywhere–inside a forest, on a Shinkansen train, and even on a cold, snowy field. The book features audio and video animations (iBooks version), and brings readers on an adventure that’s full of funny, unbelievable Labrador Retriever shenanigans. The book series’ website can be found at

Author N. Sun wants young and adult readers to enjoy a memorable and fun tale that also doubles as a guide on how to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. The author said, “My Labrador Moby can fall asleep in the most unbelievable places, especially when he’s exhausted from playing. I thought it’d be funny to show a dog sleeping through outlandish things around him. I wanted to create a book that immediately draws readers in, making them feel like they know my dog Moby, that they can call him their own dog.”


The first book in the Moby’s Stories series, titled, “How to Fall Asleep Anywhere,” was released June 28th, 2017 and available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. The book features beautifully animated scenes, with the iBooks version featuring animated video and audio.


About the Author: N. Sun is a new author who switched careers after struggling with debilitating mental illness. He now creates work inspired by his emotional support dog Moby. As a self-taught computer illustrator and photographer, N. Sun hopes to dazzle young readers with well written stories with stunning visuals.

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