Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Hooman M. Melamed Offers Cutting-Edge Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

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Dr. Hooman M Melamed is a Los Angeles based Orthopedic Spine Surgeon who specializes in cutting edge patient treatment and care, including the use of minimally invasive spine surgery. His office is located at 13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 300 Marina del Rey, CA (310-574-0405).

Minimally invasive spine surgery, also referred to as MISS, is a pioneering alternative to regular spine surgery that limits the discomfort experienced by patients and speeds up recovery time. The surgery is performed by recognised experts such as Dr. Melamed, using the very latest surgical equipment. MISS was primarily developed to avoid the kind of muscle damage that can occur in regular surgery, leading to longer recovery periods. Benefits to patients are far reaching and include smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, reduced postoperative pain, shorter recovery times, less blood loss and a reduced risk of infection. A short video interview of Dr. Melamed(http://www.thespinepro.com/minimally-invasive-spine-surgery/) outlining the key advantages of MISS can also be found on his website.

Dr. Melamed is a renowned spine surgeon who specializes in scoliosis and the use of minimally invasive spine surgery. Owing to his expertise in the use of techniques such as MISS, which are not offered by all spine surgeons, Dr. Melamed is regarded as a leading expert in the field of orthopedic spine surgery. He has developed a reputation for superior patient care, and his expertise has been recognised in the media, with frequent appearances on shows such as Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

Working from his clinic in Marina Del Rey, Dr. Melamed and his team use a dedicated outpatient center. This has led to a recovery time that is considerably faster than average and has vastly reduced the occurrence of postoperative infections, with not a single case to date. Dr. Melamed has extremely varied surgical experience over 17 years helping over 2000 patients with spine problems ranging from deformity correction through to trauma and cancer treatment. Full details on the range of conditions, their causes, and treatment options can be found on his website. His team are always happy to be contacted directly with any questions regarding treatment options or spine related conditions.

About: Dr Hooman Melamed is a Los Angeles based orthopedic spine surgeon with a reputation for superior patient care and particular expertise in minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Melamed and his team have offices in Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey. Further information on the range of specialist spine related procedures offered by Dr. Melamed and Dr. LaRocca at New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C. can be found on website, or by contacting on (310)574-0405. Primary office is located at 13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 300 Marina del Rey, CA. [email protected]


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