SpyCrushers 1080p Spy Pen Camera Adds New Accessories

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Spycrushers announces newly added accessories, 4-N-1 USB Card Reader, 7 extra ink cartridges, micro sd card adapter and USB plug wall charger to their SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera product offer.

‘We have added new accessories to our SpyCrushers 1080p spy pen product offer. The new accessories will enhance the overall usability and efficiency of our product,” said Ryan Anderson, President of SpyCrushers.

The 4-N-1 USB Card Reader has two card reader slots. Both slots allows spy pen users to insert the micro sd card into it whether alone or when inside a micro sd card adapter. The USB plug allows connectivity to any computer’s USB port in order to view the any recorded videos, audio recordings or images. Using the OTG plug, the accessory also allows users to connect directly to any Android phone to view their recorded media on their smartphones.

The spy pen functions as a normal writing pen. The last product offering contained a total of three replaceable ink cartridges, now seven extra black ink cartridges have been added bringing the total number of cartridges to 10. The extra ink cartridges are all black ink cartridges.

The USB plug wall charger allows for electric outlet charging for the spy pen device. It works with the mini USB 2.0 cable and directly connects spy pen to charger.

According to the SpyCrushers Amazon detail page, the spy pen records 1080p video, audio only recordings, takes pictures and can be used as a PC WebCam. SpyCrushers spy pen purchases included a money back or new replacement guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied with their product buy.

The SpyCrushers Pro Series 1080p HD Spy Pen Camera are available for purchase online at SpyCrushers.com, Amazon.com and Ebay.com. Amazon and Ebay shoppers can find the spy pen product by using search word spycrushers inside any search bar found on either Amazon or Ebay sites.

About SpyCrushers
SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a distributor and retailer of consumer goods and electronics.

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